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E-books / Short stories

Cover for Lemmentarina


Boris Andrejitsh palaa kotitaloonsa saatuaan virkaloman. Kotona on kuitenkin vaikea olla, kun velat painavat hartioilla kuin miljoona tonnia. Ränsistyneen kotitilan hoitamisen ohel ...

Cover for Kertomuksia


Myllärin tytär kaipaa rakastaan, mutta sota tulee heidän välilleen. Tehdas joutuu vararikkoon, minkä vaikutukset kantautuvat kymmenien ellei satojen ihmisten elämään. Tavallisen mi ...

Cover for Kertomuksia 1

Kertomuksia 1

Pieni, lempeäsilmäinen ja tavattoman vähäpuheinen Anjuta on lääketieteen opiskelija Stepan Klotshkowin asuintoveri. Klotshkow pänttää intohimoisesti lääketieteen saloja samalla kun ...

Cover for Venäläistä rakkautta

Venäläistä rakkautta

Koreileva ja hienopuheinen nainen istuu viuhkaansa leyhytellen ensimmäisen luokan rautatievaunussa. Vastapäätä istuu muuan Voldemar, "psykoloogi" ja kirjailija, jolle nainen avautu ...

Cover for Kolme kertomusta

Kolme kertomusta

Ivan Ivanitsh ja Burkin kiertelevät Mironositskoje-kylän laitamilla ja päätyvät vieraiksi tilanomistaja Aljohin lämpimään kotitaloon. Samalla he tarinoivat toisilleen onnesta ja ra ...

Cover for Yön lapsi

Yön lapsi

Eräänä lämpöisenä iltana joukko miehiä on kokoontunut istumaan iltaa sanfranciscolaiseen Alta Inoyo -klubiin. Pian yksi heistä alkaa kertoa tarinaa; tarinaa itsestään Klondikessa v ...

Cover for Naisia


Poliisitarkastaja Osthumjelov todistaa kauppatorin laidalla kummallista tapahtumaa. Kultaseppä Hrjukin jahtaa juovuspäissään koiraa, joka on purrut häntä sormeen. Ohikulkijat arvel ...

Cover for Kaksikymmentä


”Kaksikymmentä” sisältää nimensä mukaisesti kaksikymmentä lyhyehköä novellia, jotka edustavat Tšehovin uran alkuvaiheen kepeää ja kujeilevaa otetta. Erityisesti ”Soittajan seikkail ...

Cover for A Masked Ball

A Masked Ball

The author is in the middle of working when he suddenly gets a visitor – a friend, whose face is completely pale. The author is no longer irritated by the interruption; he wants to ...

Cover for The Promise - Part 4

The Promise - Part 4

THE PROMISE is an intense, fast-paced and gripping Scandinavian thriller told in four parts. With Carsten’s help, Nina tries to get Gabriela out of the Herstedvester Prison. But ti ...

Cover for The Promise - Part 3

The Promise - Part 3

THE PROMISE is an intense, fast-paced and gripping Scandinavian thriller told in four parts. Nina’s presence in her sister’s grand villa has a strong impact on the whole family, an ...

Cover for The Promise - Part 2

The Promise - Part 2

THE PROMISE is an intense, fast-paced and gripping Scandinavian thriller told in four parts. Nina has moved into her rich sister’s splendid villa and is adapting to life outside of ...

Cover for The Promise - Part 1

The Promise - Part 1

THE PROMISE is an intense, fast-paced and gripping Scandinavian thriller told in four parts. In Herstedvester Prison sits a frustrated and restless Nina with her young protégée, Ga ...

Cover for The Stolen Bacillus and Other Stories

The Stolen Bacillus and Other Stories

The fantasy and science-fiction stories in this early collection by H. G. Wells deal in extraordinary sarcasm, vividness, and attention to detail. The fantastic go hand in hand wit ...

Cover for The Treasure of Franchard

The Treasure of Franchard

Jean-Marie is a young boy, left homeless after the death of his previous protector. Doctor Desprez and his wife, the beautiful Anastasie, live in a French district called Gretz. Th ...

Cover for The Son of the Wolf

The Son of the Wolf

‘Scruff’ McKenzie is a gold prospector and a practical man. If he wants a thing, he usually gets it. But when McKenzie lays his eyes on Zarinska, the daughter of the local indigeno ...

Cover for The Whale Tooth

The Whale Tooth

When a missionary John Starhurst decides to carry the gospel all around Viti Levu in Fiji, he does not know how these intentions will change his life. The indigenous people still e ...

Cover for The Heathen

The Heathen

Pearl buyer Charley has just boarded Petite Jeanne, a ship that is supposed to sail from Rangiroa to Tahiti. Charley starts to worry when some of the passengers get a smallpox – an ...

Cover for The White Silence

The White Silence

A gold prospector Mason, his wife Ruth and their friend Malemute Kid have noticed that their dogs are getting vicious – the dogs watch every food bite they take enviously. Life of ...

Cover for Ligeia


From time immemorial, men have trembled and withered before the power of the femme fatale. “Ligeia” is a story about a man, whose meeting with a strange, beautiful, and overly inte ...

Cover for The Purloined Letter

The Purloined Letter

C. Auguste Dupin, the amateur detective from “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “The Mystery of Marie Roget” returns for the last time to solve a mystery involving a stolen letter ...

Cover for William Wilson

William Wilson

Inspired by Poe’s own tragic life, the short story clearly presages Freud’s method of psychoanalysis. In a very Fight-club-like plot and situations, “William Wilson” is a journey w ...

Cover for The Signal-Man

The Signal-Man

"Halloa! Below there!"Unable to sleep one cold winter’s night, a gentleman wanders aimlessly around the countryside and comes across the dark mouth of a railway tunnel. There he sp ...

Cover for To Be Read at Dusk

To Be Read at Dusk

“The silence was unbroken. I looked round, and the five couriers were gone: so noiselessly that the ghostly mountains might have absorbed them into its eternal snows.”Thought recen ...

Cover for A Madman's Manuscript

A Madman's Manuscript

“It is a grand thing to be mad”A rich, self-confessed madman meets a poor girl and, wishing to marry her, he puts on a “normal” persona and a fake smile. The girl’s family pushes h ...